Content Strategy Report

This content strategy report is for Fairmont State University and provides analysis for their website. 

As stated in the RFP, Fairmont State University needs to redesign the look, navigation and architecture of the website to support enrollment growth. The website should be the primary marketing tool, and clearly represent the positioning statement, brand drivers, brand personality/brand characteristics, and value propositions. The aim is to leverage these brand elements to strategically increase enrollment. 

This content strategy report provides the following: 

  • Review current state of website. 
  • Content audit and analysis of the Fairmont State University website. 
    • Determine if the existing content aligns with the business objective
    • Identify content opportunities and improvements
  • Competitive analysis of the website and their three competitors 
  • Strategic Alignment Statement 
  • Core Strategy Statement
  • Messaging Framework
  • Content Design Recommendations
  • Writing Style Guidelines 
  • KPIs 
  • Next Steps

Published by Miriam Greenfield

I have more than 20 years of experience creating, writing and producing compelling feature stories and documentaries for television and digital media. I am a 4-time National Sports Emmy award winner with more than 30 nominations.

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