My Wish

I first met Anna Schmidt when she was 13-year old. Her wish was to spend the day with with her favorite team – the Green Bay Packers and favorite players Aaron Rodgers and Al Harris. I produced and directed Anna’s Wish for ESPN.

Six years later, we updated Anna’s story for ESPN’s 10th anniversary of the My Wish series.

I had a significant role in planning and creative execution of 10th anniversary project including designing the landing page, curating and editing content for the “Then and Now” photo gallery and “In Their Own Words” essay, and producing the sizzle reel and 6 features. I won a Clio Award for the sizzle reel.

My Wish 10th Anniversary

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A week after we filmed with Anna, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Anna reached out immediately. For me, her support meant everything. I shared our story for ESPN’s external blog and SC Featured podcast.

Anna’s gift to me.

Time Out Of Mind

2012 National Sports Emmy Outstanding Short Feature

In 1997, Diane Van Deren underwent surgery that robbed her brain of some function and memory. While she can’t remember simple daily details or comprehend physical limitations, Van Deren can run for hours without any sense of how long it’s been, or how far she has gone. The complexities of her mind have made her one of the world’s greatest endurance runners.

I produced and directed this feature story for ESPN. It won a 2011 National Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Feature.